Have A List of Popular Agroecology Books

Agroecological farming is becoming a crucial element in developing as well as a developed country. Once the domain of food ecology movements has begun to be promoted enthusiastically in the countries by international development organizations, non-government organizations, however, others seeking more sustainable food production. So, the journey from difficult to quantify highlights the environmental as well as social benefits that these practices can bring.

Even agroecological practices can bring resilience along with broad-based productivity to rural communities, they are still not being widely promoted in agricultural policies or by agricultural research organizations in developed nor developing countries. Agroecology offers multiple advantages over conventional high-external input farming such as greater environmental sustainability, a multi-functional approach to farming, the ability to support farmers’ food and many more.

This is all about the Agroecological practice and what it offers, however, there are many books available in the market for the people who don’t have any idea about the agroecological practices and other terms related to agroecology. Books highlight specific agroecological era and offer an alternative to conventional farming. Which book to select is entirely based on the area of interest that will bring benefits in future.

Some popular list of agroecology books includes The Ecology of Sustainable Food Systems, Second Edition by Stephen Gliessman, which contains information obtained from highly regarded sources. The book highlights the area such as ‘The Need for Sustainable Food Production Systems’, ‘Practices of Conventional Agriculture’, ‘Application of Synthetic Fertilizer’ and many more. The book explores environmental factors as well as complexities affecting agricultural crops and animals, however, the second edition contains new data, new readings, new issues along with new options.

‘Nature Guide to the Northern Forest’ also one of the famous agroecology book which explores the Ecology of the Forests of New York. The book will help you identify and understand the complex influences that shape the flora and fauna of northern New York, New Hampshire. Additionally, this book explores topics such as human’s influence on the history of the wild, the turning of the seasons, adaptation of species at high elevations, climate change, winter and many more.

Other lists of agroecology books include Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Resistance, and Renewal by Brian Tokar and Fred Magdoff both have assembled an exceptional collection of scholars from around the world to explore this frightening long-term trend in food production; Food Rebellions! Forging Food Sovereignty to Solve the Global Food Crisis, The Apartment Farmer, Cultures of Habitat: On Nature, Culture, and Story, Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens, How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office, Seasons of Hunger: Fighting Cycles of Starvation Among the World’s Rural Poor.

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